About Us

In 1994, Dean Schuler and Edward Sakakeeny combined their chauffeured transportation expertise and created a brand new company to serve New Orleans with the highest level of service available. Carey International, the largest and most prestigious transportation service in the world, recognized this dedication to quality and awarded them the Carey license for New Orleans.  

Our commitment to excellence and desire to provide superior service can best be seen in our company philosophy:


The customer is the driving force behind everything we do. Our steadfast commitment and dedication to them is our competitive strength and is the very essence of our brand.

Carey is a global company focused on providing world-class service with unsurpassed professionalism. Our mission is to deliver impeccable service that consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers at every point of contact.


Carey Cares is the embodiment of each and every employee. It is reflected in everything we do in the conduct of our daily professional lives. 

We try to anticipate a passenger's needs because we care that our clients receive the high level of service that we promise.  We also look beyond our immediate objectives and participate in active corporate citizenship- it is good for our company, our employees and the communities in which we operate and live.


Everything we do should reinforce our position as the industry leader.

“On time every time” is not just the way we conduct our business on the road, but in the office as well. Here there is no such thing as business as usual. Every day brings new opportunities and challenges to distinguish ourselves as responsive, savvy professionals who always get the job done right.