Your Guide to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

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New Orleans Airport for The Newbie

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport GuideNew Orleans is a great city with a great airport to match. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is only 20 minutes from the heart of downtown, and has all the amenities that a business traveler or tourist could ask for. If you are flying into or out of MSY for the first time, we’ve got all the details to make your time in the airport count!

Leaving Louisiana

The busiest time of the week to fly through MSY is on early, Sunday mornings, so try booking later in the day or on a week day to avoid waiting in long lines or dealing with crowded terminals.

MSY offers access to free Wi-Fi throughout the airport. There are also free charging stations located in each terminal. If you’ve got important work to do before you catch your flight out of New Orleans, you can rest assured that Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has the amenities to help you get it done.

Should you have a spouse, child, or special someone who might be expecting a souvenir from NOLA, don’t worry about going out of your way in the city to find something. MSY has a number of gift shops located throughout the airport. Whether your loved one is a jazz connoisseur, a Saints fan, or a lover of Cajun food, you’ll find something for them while you wait for your departure.

There are also plenty of spots for you to get a little something for yourself while you wait. If you find your stomach grumbling inside MSY, you’ve got a lot of great options. From a classic, New Orleans hot dog at Lucky Dog, to a sweet treat from West Beignet, to a delicious serving of soul food at Dooky Chase’s, you won’t leave New Orleans hungry.

Parking & Transportation

The airport offers a number of parking and transportation options to travelers leaving New Orleans. Parking prices are between $10 and $20 per day, and there is a convenient cellphone lot for those waiting to drop off or pick up passengers. A taxi ride into New Orleans costs around $35. You can also share a shuttle van with other passengers riding into NOLA. The Jefferson Transit runs into New Orleans as well, however, travel time is about 25 minutes longer than a car ride.

However, if you want to skip the mess of hailing a cab, sharing a crowded shuttle van, or waiting on the transit for 45 minutes, chauffeured transportation is your best bet. When you book a car to your final destination, your driver will be waiting for you at the door as soon as you have your luggage. Enjoy a smooth car ride into the city while you get some much-needed work done (or maybe just a rest after a long flight!).

Now Entering NOLA

If you’re traveling into wonderful New Orleans, there’s still plenty to look forward to at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport! From the moment you step foot off of your flight, you’ll be greeted in classic New Orleans style! MSY has an extensive collection of NOLA art, from beautiful jazz photographs to art from local Louisiana artists. And lucky travelers who fly in on Fridays get to experience a taste of Mardi Gras with complimentary beaded necklaces!

MSY has a number of resources for the weary traveler just outside of baggage claim. From a Whitney National Bank branch, to a currency exchange booth, to a pet relief area for those traveling with a furry friend, many of your pressing needs can be met as soon as you hit the ground.

If you’re in New Orleans for a layover, skip the usual chain hotel and get a taste of NOLA before you fly out! Look for a local bed & breakfast by clicking here.


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