New Orleans: Your Perfect Holiday Evening

Posted by Edward Sakakeeny on Thu, Nov 21, 2013 @ 08:25 AM

Make the Most of Your Holiday Night Out in New Orleans

New Orleans HolidaysAh, the holidays: a time when families come together to exchange presents, tell stories, eat delicious food, and just general enjoy each other’s company. From huge families that are still growing to small families that travel from far and wide to be together, the holidays are a time when togetherness is a huge part of many people’s lives.

Unfortunately, shopping, planning for visiting relatives and getting our homes in order often take precedence over spending quality time with loved ones. Many of us get lost in the demands of decorating, cooking perfect meal and making sure that the presents look completely professional. Needing a night off to simply enjoy yourself is something you’ve earned and deserve, and New Orleans is the perfect city to host this night off.

Here are a few tips for planning the perfect holiday night-out in New Orleans.

Book a Chauffeured Car

If you’re like most of us, you’ve had your fill of holiday traffic, holiday parking, and the general congestion of trying to fight such insane crowds every time you want to go out. Driving yourself into the city on your holiday night-out could yield unnecessary stresses that get your blood boiling before you’ve even had dinner. We say you deserve to be free from the traffic mayhem for at least one night. You also deserve the luxury and comfort of a car service vehicle, so booking a chauffeured car for your evening is the perfect choice. You won’t have to worry over navigating or parking, and you can simply relax in the back seat with your loved ones while your chauffeur tends to the ins and outs of New Orleans holiday traffic.

Find the Perfect Restaurant

Few things make a night out more enjoyable than some delicious food. New Orleans has plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from, so it’s important that you know what you’re hungry for beforehand.

Commander’s Palace in the Garden District is a breathtaking experience from the moment you drive up, with its distinctly Victorian architecture, turets, columns and turquoise coloring. The restaurant has won tons of National Awards, including the James Beard Award for “Best Chef in the South.” The dinner menu consists of dishes like the Pecan-Crusted Gulf fish, Filet Minon of Black Angus Beef, and Cranberry-Molasses Lacquered Quail.

Holiday-Themed Fun

You haven’t really experience NOLA at Christmastime until you’ve experienced some of the many holiday events hosted around the city each year. This year, there is an impressive number of free events, as well, such as the Algiers Bonfire and Concert on December 7 from 5 pm to 9 pm. The bonfire and concert kicks off the holiday season, and everyone is invited to enjoy food, drink and merriment.

Another free event this holiday season is Caroling in Jackson Square, sponsored by the Patio Planters of the Vieux Carre for nearly 60 years. The event is held on December 22 this year and begins at 7 pm with the gates opening at 6:30. Celebrate the holiday season with candle light and carols on your special night out. Candles and song sheets are provided.

Planning the perfect stress-free night out in New Orleans starts with finding a reputable car service company to handle your commute. Once you have your car in place, finding the perfect restaurant and a great (preferably free) holiday event are all you need to feel one with the season and sufficiently de-stressed.

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